Death Warning

These boards have the potential to kill. Kill you, kill others. Ride within your comfort zone. If you are suicidal, bipolar or psychotic be extra careful. These are some of the most if not the most powerful boards ever produced. The hyper vipers have a massive torque. If you fall pull the trigger from a standstill you will be thrown off. Riders should take a stance which prepares them to move in their desired direction. These boards have a top speed of 30+ mph in hyper mode. They are illegal to use on public property for public streets/sidewalks. The cyborg brushless models have top speeds of 30+ mph. They are also illegal to ride anywhere other than private property. The brushless boards are more forgiving from a standstill. They also have a reverse mode. The reverse button is also the button to pair the remote and board. After pairing and before you step on a cyborg gently pull the trigger slowly to ensure the board is engaged to move in your desired direction, either forwards or backward. If the board Is in reverse mode, the top curved row of mph lights will flash on and off.

I am personally taking a huge risk to sell these boards. That's why I prefer to all potential buyers to determine their needs, comfort with risk, ability, and maturity concerning responsible riding. I would not recommend these boards to beginner riders or first time riders. These boards are only to be ridden on private property. Phone consultations may be recorded. Hyper vipers are quiet. Will not hear you coming. Models with supercarve have ultra aggressive handling. The springs in the channel trucks have a smaller circumference thus the boards turn quicker when the rider leans. The super carve boards will begin to want to speed wobble when approaching top speed. The supercar boards are extremely dangerous for that reason. The cedar button on all fours when pressed toggles between low or hyper (fast) speed. The speed button either blinks slow, (about once a second) to denote low speed, or about twice a second for hyper (fast) speed. Cyborg brushless models have a reverse. The button to engage reverse is also the button that initially pairs the board with the gun remote. The pair/code button therefore can enable the two different functions. Before you step on a cyborg gently pull the trigger to slowly make it move Then you can be sure your intended direction is enabled. If you are trying to go forward and it's in reverse you can be thrown off. Whether you receive scrapes and bruises or serious injury and death will depend on your preparation for incidents. Ride with the mindset anything can happen at any time. Wear a helmet and pads. Know the terrain before you ride. Walk your intended path before you ride. Be aware of the location of any dangerous holes, routes, obstacles or dangerous objects. At any time the board could suddenly stop due to electrical interference. Power lines and other electrical transmissions may interfere and disable the signal between the board and remote. During a transmission signal interference the board’s brakes will fully engage,; the board will suddenly stop. The rider will feel pushed from behind and continue to move forward as the board has come to a stop under their feet. The “step off” and “run it out” move should be used in this situation.

Become familiar and aware of these tips and techniques to limit injury and avoid death when you are thrown off or fall off. The “step off” and “run it out” requires the rider to take huge running steps as they are launched forward when the board brakes fully engage due to electrical interference. Public streets should not be ridden on due to the possibility of power lines and other electrical frequencies interfering between the board and remote. If you fall it's helpful to bend your knees to decrease the fall’s distance. Bending elbows and bringing the arms to the side can prevent your arm or hand from being broken or dislocated. Read and understand all features and risks before riding. Read the manual for all features and procedures.